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My babies

I haven't posted in forever... I'm sorry for that.  I think I'll be around more often, and I hope all of you will be too.
My babies: Bella, age 2, and Lilo & Stitch, age 12.

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rest in peace

In case anyone still checks this community, I thought I'd post this.

My Lainie died yesterday. She had turned 11 years old not long ago. I took her to the vet yesterday morning, and they gave her some medicine and said she'd be fine, but she died two hours later.

I was by her side when she died.

I miss her already.
beware of dog


Good news and bad news...

First, I'm thrilled to report that Lainie is spending nights with me again! I was heartbroken when she couldn't sleep in bed with me anymore, but now she's doing better, and I couldn't be happier.

Now for the bad news: Our minpin rescue, Mika Molly, passed away after a sudden illness. It was really horrible. At least she's at peace now and not suffering anymore.

Still, happy new year to you all!
beware of dog

lainie update

I am sad. My baby Lainie isn't able to sleep in the bed with me anymore.

First, she lost the ability to jump into and out of bed. I picked her up and put her on the floor as needed. Then, she lost the ability to use her doggy door. I let her in and out at night. Finally, she started having accidents in the bed.

Now I put her in a doggy bed outside my door, and I sleep with a plush boston terrier toy. It sucks, but I am still so happy that she's still in my life.

My new guy

This is Sammy, my newly adopted six year old rescue. He is a little sweetie, housebroken, smart, and playful.

He's got an odd behavior that my previous BTs didn't share - he seems obsessive over the bed that came with him. He drags it from room to room and suckles on it constantly. Occasionally he'll hump it a bit (he is neutered). I emphasize constantly - when he isn't playing with us, he's nursing on the side of his bed. I'm assuming he's comforting himself, maybe missing his other peoples.

Feedback, please?
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Long time..

Hi folks. Life has taken me in many new directions - new degree, new career, new town. So sad to convey that my Bosties have passed. Rascal, at age 13, this past October, due to complications from degenerative disc disease, and Obi, age 14, in March, of congestive heart failure. These guys were in my life and heart since they were pups, and I miss them very much.

Just recently, my mourning has lifted somewhat, and I realize how much I miss having a smooshy faced companion. I've applied to rescue orgs for BTs and Frenchies, but haven't even had replies as of yet. Just wanted to pass the word along that if there is a BT in need of a good, loving home, I've got one. I live in Milton, Delaware.

Hugs to your babes, Cynthia

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Mometamax ear drops WARNING!!

Hello everybody.This is my first post to the community in a long while,and regrettably its not a happy update.For those of you unfamiliar with my situation,I am the proud owner of three BT babies who I love beyond measure.I have only had BTS since I was 16 when I adopted my first and fell for the breed.
My Bts now are Dizzy Marie aged 12,Six aged 11,and Tony who is 7.Here they are in happy times :)

In any case,Dizzy was prescribed Mometamax for her ear infection early this spring.After a week worth of daily drops,I noticed she wasnt responding to her name,or the word treats,and she seemed increasingly disoriented.It became obvious to me that her hearing had been affected,and after a brief search online I came across a ghastly amount of sad stories concerning older dogs losing their hearing after being treated with the drug.It seems to affect older dogs primarily.What I find inexcusable is that nowhere in the literature does it warn about the possibility of deafness in older dogs.My vet said nothing,and here I am typing this after damn near 16 weeks,heartbroken for my best friend.Some folks in forums say their dogs hearing came back after some months,and I hope to find myself in that lottery.I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about these drops.Best wishes and Boston kisses