hysteric glamour (unquietmind) wrote in boston_buddies,
hysteric glamour

One-Eyed Jack needs some love

Tomorrow we visit the local no-kill shelter to see about adopting a new dogglet. Unfortunately, we can't bring home One-Eyed Jack. My son thinks he's a pirate and he would love to have a one-eyed pirate pig-dog as his first mate. Alas, Jack needs to do his plundering as an only-dog. Perhaps a couple of you kind hearted folks can sponsor Jack.

So, we're going to the shelter with lots of questions, a 40-lb. bag of premium dog food, 15 lbs. of biscuits and 25 lbs. of laundry detergent. We're looking for a small dog who'll play with Bella and the 4-year-old and and won't eat my little Japanese Chin, Akakchan. I posted links for a couple of the dogs we're going to meet - scroll down a couple of days if you're interested.

And if anyone has advice on shelter adoption, please share!

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