Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

Bentley update

"No... it's fine, I'll keep napping, but you did say we were going to the park this afternoon and now it's past 5. Whatever. "

The vets determined he had an allergic reaction to the Petsmart shampoo or scent. The first vet visit they had us continue with the benadryl and just up the dosage. Then when it didn't clear we moved to Prednizone, which is a steroid. They determined it wasn't a skin infection as his bumps weren't red. Thanks to everyone for the help, he's a sensistive little man :-)

His 'roids are doing well for him and the bumps finally going away, although we tell him he can't compete in the frisbee contests since he's on performance enhancing drugs.

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