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The s is for sucks


One of the nice things about my apartment complex is that since it is one of the few in my area to allow dogs, it does provide a lot of grassy areas. However, they have recently become overrun with dog poop, which is creating a large problem for me and Zeke. Zeke likes to eat poop. He will also only poop on grass, so I have to take him onto the grassy area for him to do his business. However, he gets so distracted by smelling all the poop and trying to eat it all, that it takes him forever to go to the bathroom now. Not to mention, I have to be on constant lookout when I'm outside with him to make sure that not only is he not eating it, but that I'm not stepping in it.

There are so many dog owners in my complex, so I have no idea which ones are not picking up after their dogs. I know that I could go to the propery manager and complain, but there's no way for them to really enforce this. Does anyone have any suggestions for me and Zeke? Do you guys have this problem with your dogs? I've heard of things like putting meat tenderizer in your dogs food because that makes the poop not smell good or taste good to them anymore, but that won't work for me, since I pick up after Zeke--he doesn't have the chance to eat his own poop.

On another topic, I'm also curious to know: do your Boston's actually go on walks with you? Zeke goes outside with me, but we don't really "walk". All Zeke wants to do is go outside and smell things. He's not interested in taking a walk with me, and will stop every few steps to smell something, and will continue to smell it for minutes at a time sometimes. Is this common? Is there any way that I can change this behavior also?

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