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What's that sound?

Yesterday Charlie and I took a 2 hour carride up to the Twin Cities. He doesn't like carrides at all, so he tends to sleep through most of them. About halfway there he woke up and was watching out the window, when "Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men came on. (I had put together a CD for my little cousins for V-Day and was making sure it burned correctly.) If you've ever heard this song, you know that there's choruses of "barking". *LOL* So the CD started barking and Charlie tilts his head to one side and listens, tilts his head to the other side and listens--ears all perked up. The next chorus he looks at me like "WTF, Mom? Dogs....." He looks around the car, outside the windows, tilts his head back and forth some more. I played it again this morning on the ride home, this time he was snoozing and when he heard the barking, again he perked up all confused. It was so adorable!

He'll do this also if I turn the TV to "Deutsches Welle". I speak German to him and all his commands are "auf Deutsch", so when he hears German he thinks someone's talking to him. Most of the time (unless you specifically address him "Charlie") he'll totally ignore English.

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