Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

My sister's BT

Hey... don't you come around here with no cameras!

DANGIT! I said no pictures! Don't make me put my ears back and look angry!

Now you;ve done it, my ears are back. You're too close! I'm gonna break your camera!

You are really pushing my buttons, you're lucky Bentley isn't here, or I'd whoop his butt.

Allright, I've had it, you're so close you can probably see my angry brain through my eyeball!

Later that night...

My sister and her husband ( parents of the Toblerone)

Me drawing a picture of their angry puppy at home, on a cool pyramid of nylon they had for people to write on at the reception.

What happens when one girl gets on stage, they all get on stage :-)

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