The Girl in the Self Imposed Box (elisabat) wrote in boston_buddies,
The Girl in the Self Imposed Box

For Fizzgig's birthday, one of his presents was a new harness. I got him the same one as last time, it's called a vest harness and doubles as a seat belt harness. The reason I got it is because it's sturdy and lined in fleece so it's comfier than a regular harness when I use it to support him when he starts to fall over. The problem is this time it's causing a rash. I got him a size smaller because they were out of his regular size. It fits, it's just on the largest adjustable size it goes. Anyway, I went to my regular pet store this morning and found out they now carry Puppia harnesses. I know a lot of dogs in this community wear Puppia harnesses and I was wondering if they caused rashes at all? Bostons have sensitive skin, so I figured if anyone knew, it would be the people in this community. He's currently wearing his skull and crossbones "Little Terror" t-shirt under the harness to keep it from further chafing. He certainly fits the title.

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