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Licking. Possible OCD?

Hey Guys, It's been a long time since I've posted, but I'm still around. :)

Elmo is doing very well, but I'm a little concerned about his recent behavior. He has really, really started licking. He was always a bit of a licker when he was younger, but before it was mostly my clothes (particularly my underwear) and it's gotten much worse and more universal in recent months. He doesn't lick himself most of the time, but he licks everything else. I'll lay down in bed and find huge wet spots where he's been licking. The same is true of our couch, clothes, carpet, walls, and other dog. I keep reading about canine OCD online when I look for reasons why he would be doing that, but it doesn't make sense with the rest of his behavior. He seems to be extremely happy and playful, and licking doesn't appear to be anxiety induced, because he licks when he's getting ready to sleep, taking a break from playing, or relaxing. Sometimes, he'll lick his feet a little bit and then move on to the floor surrounding his feet.

He doesn't seem to be fearful, he's eating well, behaves very well, and socializes well with people and other animals. I know I can stop it with bitter apple spray if I need to, but I'm more concerned with why it's happening. Does anyone have any idea why Elmo is licking so much?

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