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cross posting from my Lab group

I copied the whole thing from my lab group on MSN
I did hear at the Vet office I work at that this is true.
dated March 6, 2006:

(end bolded)

Recently we withdrew several specific code lots of ROYAL CANIN
Veterinary Diet Canine and Feline canned diets. All hospitals
purchasing the products involved have been notified directly. These
specific code lots contained excess levels of Vitamin D3 due to an
error originating with the vitamin-mineral premix supplier. Since the
error has been detected we have stopped using this supplier and put in
place systematic vitamin D analysis and enhanced our quality checks in
finished product. Recently we have received additional results of
analyses indicating that other earlier lots of ROYAL CANIN Veterinary
Diet canned and pouch products are affected. Therefore we are
expanding the withdrawl to include the following batches of product

* ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet Feline CALORIE CONTROL CC in gell
canned (date codes of April 2007 and earlier)
* ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet Feline RENAL LP pouch (date codes of
June 2007 and earlier)
(end bolded)

Our records indicated that you may have purchased some of the affected
products. These production code lots should not be fed to cats.
Please contact your clients currently feeding these products to
determine if they are feeding an affected code lot. Our veterinarians
and sales representatives are also available to support you at all
times. Affected code lots should be destroyed in a manner that will
ensure that the product is not inadvertently fed to pets.

You may contact your distributor for product replacement or efund.
Please do not hesitate to contact your ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet
representative or our veterinary technical support team at
1-800-592-6687 with any questions or concerns that you may have.

We have taken all appropriate actions to ensure that this type of
error does nor recur. (bolded) All subsequent code lots have been
tested and, other than the production lots noted above, can be used
with confidence. (end bold) We genuinely regret that this has
occured. These steps are consistant with our pet first philosophy as
we place the highest priority on the health of pets. We sincerely
thank you for your support.

Respectfully yours

Denise A Elliot BVSc PhD Dipl ACVIM Dipl ACVN
Director of Scientific Communications

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