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18 March 2006 @ 12:11 pm
9 months old!  
Oh the adolescent phase. Good times. So for Kylie has chewed up her crate bedding and pulled all the stuffing out, a la Hoggie and Lulu, and chewed up my favorite pair of $30 flip flops. She has also peed on our bed a couple times and pooped in her crate and ate most of it a couple times. Crazy teenaged Kylie.

Oh and, we went to the dog beach the other day. Kylie immediately ran up to and made friends with 3 gorgeous pitties and I am kicking myself for not having my camera. They were soooo cute. This girl with a little chihuahua freaked out when one of the pits got loose and ran up to her dog, it was so funny. People's irrational fear of pit bulls makes me giggle a little. Anyway...

Update on Mr. Handsome, aka Mojo: He won his first beginner's agility contest last weekend. He is doing great in his new home bossing around his submissive sisters. Pics to come of him soon.

Busy day

Bubbles! My cat's more interested, I think

Laying in the laundry is my favorite thing