know all your enemies (kelliee) wrote in boston_buddies,
know all your enemies

i'm a little worried... ramzi is starting become agressive. with my dogs he is fine, but when i took him to the boston terrier meetup on saturday, he was attacking all of the dogs, and not in a playful way. at previous meetups he was totally fine, he was so excited to get there and he would play the best out of all three.

no blood was shed, but his agression pretty much ruined the meetup for me and probably other people there. we're usually there for 2 hours, this time we left after about 30 minutes. because of this, i was in a horrible mood for the rest of the day, and the holiday traffic on the 405 wasnt helping either.

the other dogs werent doing anything to him that would make a dog agressive or fearful. there was a little puppy there and he went right over and started mauling it! i was mortified. i dont know why he's doing this all of a sudden (and yes, he's neutered).

i wanted to put them all through obedience training at my work, but i didnt have time this session, unfortunately. now i'm afraid ramzi will attack all of the dogs in the class... do you guys have any thoughts or experience with this? is there any way i can reprogram him to being happy and playful with unfamiliar dogs again? one of the girls there was telling me about the dog whisperer and what he does to show dogs who is alpha or something... i'll try anything.

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