The Girl in the Self Imposed Box (elisabat) wrote in boston_buddies,
The Girl in the Self Imposed Box

I'm testing out the lj post pictures thingamajig

In my spiffy t-shirt I wear under my harness

That big purple Cuz toy is hiding again

I'm so excited! I really want to find it.

There it is!

I love chewing on this thing

If I chew hard enough it makes noises

chomp chomp chomp

The feet on it are extra chewable

chew chew chew

I also love nudging it around on the floor so it picks up lots of fur

Did'nt she already take this picture?

All this playing makes me fall over

but I get up and the chase is on!

the hospital crash cart keeps stealing my toy

I'm trying to tell my mom that the world has ended! I've lost my toy!

I got it! I'm never letting go!

Maybe if I push it around it'll get stuck under there again. That'll be neat!

I just love this thing

If I push my toy into her knee maybe she'll play with it too!

Or if I shake it around in her face! Yay!

munch munch munch

I'm out for a walk here and it's cold! I protested and refused to walk. She took the opportunity to use the night feature on the camera.


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