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Maggie's day at Petland

As told by Maggie

I like going for rides in the car...

Petland, the toystore for pets..

Me and my sisters Allie and Molly walking thru Petland..

Hey mom I like the way these bones smell.

I'll sit here and wait for you while you look around, Allie is too busy looking around too.

Me and my sister Allie like these treats. Maybe mom will buy some for us.

These birds look pretty interesting, I want a closer look.

I like barking at these birds, even tho they didn't like it much.

I know that I saw some puppies behind that glass.

Ah-ha I found them! I have to bark at these puppies behind the glass!

Mom, do we really have to leave already? I was really starting to have some fun!

I really am tired from our day at Petland. I think I will just nap in the back seat on the way home.

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