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Update from the world of Joe Stains and Tanner Doofus, brought to you by Joe

My mom hates me. She bought me this horrible sweater....but no matter how dumb it looks, I have to try my best to be handsome

ya, I look good, even in baby blue

Joey got a great new sweater
I find that if I look really cute and cooperate with her flashy crap, I get a treat. So here I am, smiling big!

how do I get that ball out of there?
This thing just fascinates Tanner. It is a ball, inside of a ball...real freakin exciting right? Apparently it is because he can't stop playing with it.

Come out you stinkin ball!
Do you see how pink his doofus face is from trying to get the ball inside the ball? He did this for about 3 hours straight.

This bone is good but I cannot let Joey get this toy!
He has that ball between his paws because he finally understands that I am the boss and I will take his toys, no matter how stupid they are. At least he finally learned something!

Do you think I look too dirty???
Here I am with a real dog's toy, the CUZ!

Joey cannot escape Tanner
Well, until next time, I will be here with doofus face, being annoyed.

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