Sunshine (danielle_leigh_) wrote in boston_buddies,

First scare

I had my first scare with Danger the other day. Danger has a habit of trying to jump up into my arms and I am trying to get him to stop doing it (any suggestions would be great!). husband brought Danger down to my work to see me and Danger got so excited to see me that he tried to jump up in my arms. Just as he was doing that I was trying to put my coat on and didn't catch him. Danger landed on his side with his front right paw twisting underneath him. He put his face down by his paw and wouldn't walk on it. I dropped my coat and picked him up. He was bleeding from his mouth. I moved his paw to see if he had broken it. He didn't cry out and he was able to walk on it. (THANK GOD!) He just smacked his face down hard on the floor. When I thought he was putting his face down onto his paw, he was actually trying to lift his paw to his face because he has hurt his face. My heart almost flew out of my chest. I was SCARED TO DEATH! Still every time I think about it I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I don't know what I would have done if he broke his paw. Especially since the reason he would have broken it was because he was excited to see me and just wanted me to hold him. Augh! Makes me sick to think about that.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can stop him from trying to jump up into my arms I would really appreciate them. I can't take getting scared like that and I am so afraid that I am not going to catch him one day and he will get severely hurt. I tell him no everytime I see him getting ready to jump. Is that enough to make him stop over time or is there something else I should be doing?

Thanks guys! I love this community!!!

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