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Help Me Help My Dog

As some of you may know, I am proudly owned by an 11-and-half-year-old miniature Boston Terrierist named Scrapple. Although he only weighs 13 pounds, he has the heart of a lion. Unfortunately, the strength of his heart isn't doing him much good right now. Last week, while playing his daily soccer game in the yard during what turned out to be one of the heaviest pollen counts of the year, Scrapple got pollen of some sort in his left eye. Although I always wipe off his face and muzzle folds after he plays, there's not a lot I can do while he's playing.

Apparently the pollen got into his eye and triggered an allergic reaction, which caused "dry eye"--a condition where the dog's inner eyelid dries out and sticks to the eyeball. While I was aware his eye seemed a bit swollen, and that he was pawing at it every now and then, I assumed it was his usual seasonal allergy and gave him a small dose of baby Bendaryl. I had no idea what was going on--until blood and goop started pouring out a day later. Upon flushing his eye with saline solution, I was able to see that Scrapple had pawed at his eye hard enough and/or long enough while I was asleep to rupture the cornea.

So there is now what looks like a blood-filled blister the size of a small chickpea growing out of his eye. (Oh--and did I mention sometimes it spontaneously drains?) According to the vet, the eye has to go. Scrapple is doing well, but is experiencing chronic pain and can no longer go for walks or play in bright sunshine. I have him on some pain medication, but the eye requires surgery to avoid even more damage and/or infection occurring. The procedure runs around $500, assuming there are no further complications. Needless to say, this couldn't have happened at a worse time, expense-wise.

In an attempt to raise funds, I am holding a sale of all my books.
To simplify things, everything is $15, postage paid.
That includes hardbacks, trade, and paperbacks. All autographed/inscribed per request. Here is my current inventory:

1 original edition WILD BLOOD (mass market,1995)
1 original edition IN THE BLOOD (mass market,1992)
2 "The Thing From Lover's Lane" chapbooks
3 Copies of DEAD MAN'S HAND (trade paper)
3 Copies ANGELS ON FIRE (trade)
4 Copies DOZEN BLACK ROSES (trade)
6 Copies IN THE BLOOD (trade)
6 Copies of KNUCKLES & TALES (hard cover)
12 Copies of PAINT IT BLACK (trade)
19 Copies of WILD BLOOD (trade)

All sales through Paypal, if possible. My Paypal account is
If you don't have a Paypal account and/or want to know about other collectible items I might have available that I have not listed, direct all inquiries to I thank you, and my one-eyed dog thanks you.


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