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holidays with stains and doofus

I hope you all had a great Easter. We got to wear dorky bandanas and go to my grandparent's house. Before we left I had to remind Tanner that just because it is a holiday, I am not taking any crap.

Easter fighting

More holiday fun

they are so not having fun
I am looking over mom's shoulder into the kitchen where Easter brunch is being prepared...

Tanner wanted to eat that bunny.  It sang and  moved around.
They had this singing rabbit thing that moved around and Doofus Face wanted to kill it! It made him so mad!

Now, if you look to the left of the dumb rabbit there is a DELICIOUS casserole just calling out to be devoured, but he is too worried about that pink bunny.

Joey 'smiling'
My mom loves capturing our holidays on film, I have perfected my fake smile.

Tanner hanging out
Again, Tanner and his priorities are totally messed up. I am begging for ear scratching, while he is busy playing 'cute' for the camera. He has so much to learn.

familiar sight...
I hope next Easter my parents give Tanner up for Lent.

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