auburncowgirl (auburncowgirl) wrote in boston_buddies,

Bella tried to eat a frog!

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I know she didn't get it all but i think she got a leg and there was foam coming out of her mouth. I tried to look it up on the interenet and I found.
"if your dog or cat is just salivating heavily or "foaming" a little at the mouth, it may have bitten or licked another type of toad or frog. Remember that most of our native frogs and toads secrete MILD toxins that just taste nasty or make a potential predator drool or get a little sick after they try to eat a toad. The strategy behind the mild toxin is to "educate" the predator to not mess with frogs/toads again."

I didn't think she was going to try to eat it...ekk

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