Tam (delusions) wrote in boston_buddies,

How many of you have dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs? It seems like Oreo is always biting or licking some part of her (and she doesn't have fleas!) or else grazing on grass and throwing up. The brat takes more Benedryl for her allergies than I do!

For the skin problem, my stepmom (who's a groomer and sells holistic dog foods and products) suggested getting her special (re: expensive) dog food that doesn't have chemicals and dyes in it. She started telling me about all the crap they put in commercial dog foods (Like BHA/BHT and Propolyne Glycol, an ingredient also used in such things as hair gel!) and I got her some good natural dog food. (If you'd like to learn more, go to this website that explains it all and gives examples of good foods.) In the 2 months I've had her on this new food, she's a lot better behaved and eating better. Take a good look at what is on the label for your dog's food and treats and it's a real eye opener.

As for the skin......well.....it has improved somewhat, but she's still itchy. Does anyone have any good remedies or suggestions? She's chewed the hair off the backs of her back legs and on her butt. I've tried bathing her with oatmeal shampoo, not bathing her, using Lidocaine spray, using Hydrocortisone spray, Skin so Soft, anything I can think of. But she's still biting. Hmm.

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