Loco Cerveza (loco_cerveza) wrote in boston_buddies,
Loco Cerveza

Daisy and Water

O.K. Just a little information about Miss Daisy Dog. She loves the water, in fact there is a little park next to our city hall that has a creek that run through it every time that I have taken Daisy over to it the first thing she does is run down to the water and get in it. She does not go any deeper then her belly but she will spend 30 minutes (if I let her, and I have a time or two) playing in the water or trying to get me to come in with her. Then bath time with her is never a problem. She loves to take baths the only problem we run in to is the taking of the collar to wash her neck. You would think that the collar was full a diamonds they way she acts, I have to leave the collar were she can see it or she will freak out it. Once she has been dried and the collar returned she acts if her is the best thing on the planet. I think she is part fish sometimes.


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