lilsara (pinup_devil) wrote in boston_buddies,

Chica is on fire!!

Lil Chica is in HEAT! She is driving Bomber (our FIXED pit) crazy.
I bought a little pair of doggie underwear and even sprayed the booty with Bitter Apple.
Seems that Bomber likes his ladies saucy, so now we are doing the Doggie Wranglin' dance:

Convince one to go into the kennel, dive/scoop/drag/bribe other pup to go outside. (Now, as this is AZ and Bomber leaps 8 ft block fence in a single bound, they can only be outside long enough to do their bidnez.) Then one gets to run the house for a few hours, swing yer pardner, do-si-do, rinse, repeat...

Lucky for Chica I am a strong believer that even if a lady doesn't wear undies every day, she should have a nice selection. And because I can't find anything suitable for my little soiled dove, I have decided to make her some soakers. I am working on a pink pair with a little skull and cross bones on the buns.

Not only will she be fashionable, but I won't have explain to my toddler why a brother and sister like to 'wrestle' so much.

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