cranky. (plaidisyourpal) wrote in boston_buddies,

Skeeter update.

Our vet appointment went better than we expected, really. She seemed to think that it was just "normal discharge" and checked out his penis and did some seriously violating inspections. Ha. I guess in that way we were being a little too worried. She said that it shouldn't be a problem unless it's a greenish color that is constantly dripping (dear GOD I hope that never happens).

She did however note the rash on his front paws (as well as some SERIOUS itching while we were in her office), and prescribed an every 12 hour dose of Cephalexin as well as a every 6 hour dose of Benadryl. She's under the impression that he's got some easy-to-deal-with seasonal allergy that could be a result of him being in New York (he was adopted from a home in Missouri, so I'm sure the climate and grasses and flowers are all different). If the itching and rashing continues then we'll apparently be putting him on some sort of steroids and do some food allergy testing. Since the rash has only recently occured the only thing I can think of he might have sneaked some of our cat's wet food which contains fish (if it is infact a food allergy). Since he was rolling around in lots of grass and the like at the park this week, hopefully it's just some seasonal allergies.

Anyway, seems like all systems are go from here (unless of course his medicines don't help)!

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