Danielle Leigh (heavenleigh0325) wrote in boston_buddies,
Danielle Leigh

After worrying so much last night...I have to deal with this.....

So we have no power or water or phone or anything today. We didn't have any when I got home from work last night and it never came back on.
So here is my story....
Last night I am heading home and I get into Spencer and right before my house there is a curve. Well I get to the curve and I see a volunteer firefighter in the road. I look down the road further and there are fire trucks, ambulance, NYSEG and everything else down the street. Now keep in mind that my house is the 4th house down from where the firefighter is. I ask the firefighter what is going on and he says that there is a structural fire and power lines are down. I FREAKED! I told him that I live right down there on the right and I needed to get to my house. He said do you live in the mobile home? And I said yes, he said that is where the fire is. OK, so yeah, Danielle goes into panic mode...."OMG!! DANGER IS IN THAT HOUSE! YOU HAVE TO LET ME GO THROUGH! PLEASE LET ME GO THROUGH!" he couldn't let me go through and tells me to take a detour and that will take me down into Spencer. So I drive as fast as I can, get into Spencer, go get Alex, try to get to my house and the firefighters on the other end of the road wouldn't let me through this way either. Finally I was like "look, the guy on the other end told me that its my house that had the fire, my dog is in that house and if you don't move those cones and let me go through I am going to drive over them. Its your choice". They moved the cones and I drove through. I couldn't get anywhere close to my house so finally I just pull over on the side of the road, grab Alexs hand and start running to my house. I get close to my house and see THAT IT IS NOT MY HOUSE THAT IS ON FIRE, its the house next door. I almost fall on the ground with relief. I run into the house and grab Danger and kiss him and start to try to calm myself down.....
yeah, fun times. And all this happened after woprrying all day long yesterday about leaving the air conditioner on, thinking that the house would catch on fire. ARRRRR!  Not my idea of a good night.

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