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Oh Boston Terriers, how I love thee.

I saw a Boston Terrier on TV on Animal Planet yesterday and the owner had this person pick a card out of this deck, then show the camera without showing the owner or the dog. Then he put the card BACK in the deck, shuffled them, and put them in a baggy all mixed up again. THE DOG PULLED OUT THE RIGHT CARD ON THE FIRST TRY! =O The little Boston didn't get first place though. -.- One point off I believe.

Anyways... EEEEE, like the new icon? I have yet to obtain more pictures of mah Zoe, but I shall do that soon.

I don't know if you got my email Bair, but I got the samples! She definitly likes the peanut butter ones the best. Also the ones with the swirlies. Zoe shared them with another duggy too, a golden lab named Bailey. She liked the molassess ones that Zoe didn't want to eat, heh. ^_^

Till next time kiddies... <3

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