fadexintoyou (fadexintoyou) wrote in boston_buddies,

I took Kylie to the vet today because her eye has been red and puffy since yesterday morning. Turns out she has a small corneal ulcer (puncture) in her eye which could have been caused by one of our cats or a stick or anything really. It looks like a small hole in her eye, pretty scary.

They gave her a shot of anti-inflammatories and gave me 2 ointments, one to dilate her eye and an antibiotic. She goes back for a follow-up on Friday and if her eye isn't better then she might have to go to a dog opthamologist... she said the medicine usually works though.

I wanted to post this here because the vet told me corneal ulcers are the #1 injury to googly eyed dogs like Bostons.

Oh, also a heads up- she's on Revolution which is supposed to protect against fleas, ticks and heartworm, but our vet told us she has seen a couple cases in the past month come up positive for heartworm despite being on Revolution and told me I should put her on Advantage for fleas/ticks and Heartgard, not the "all-in-one" Revolution. I knew it was too easy! >.<


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