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Your pet is basically quiet, shy, and likes his/her privacy. This animal is genuinely concerned with people around him/her. Your pet has a highly developed sixth sense, especially when it comes to home and family. This animal is very tenacious and intensely loyal. Your pet is certainly never dull. You may find this animal has a dualistic nature being very communicative one minute and sullen the next.

You have an intelligent, self-sufficiant responsible pet who may appear aloof. This animal doesn't like change, and knows how to manipulate and control you when it serves his/her purpose. Your pet generally has a happy disposition, is certainly not inhibited, and needs to be the center of attention. Your pet is excitable and hyperactive and may experience nervous disorders if not given the freedom to release this nervous energy.

You have a loyal, faithful pet whose world revolves around family. Being very sensitive, your pet will retreat when his/her feelings are hurt. This animal has a pleasant disposition and enjoys the company of pets of the opposite sex. This is a curious, loving pet who's a real 'people' animal. Your pet may appear slow at first, but always manages to get his/her catch. This animal is also very protective of home and family. Your pet is exceptionally loyal and affectionate. You won't have to worry about this pet straying far from home. Your pet has a real need for adventure and has very little fear, so keep an eye on this one! This is an animal who is quite intelligent and adaptable with a gentle nature. Your pet insists on neat and tidy living quarters.

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