Jen (drummah) wrote in boston_buddies,

Holy crap, I'm actually posting pictures!

I went home for a few days--I miss my boy Skippy. <3

Sorry, I wasn't trying to camera whore, the parental units greatly enjoy pictures of "both" their kids. hahaha.

He puts up with all my sisterly tormenting.
I do it because I love.

"Just cause I come jump on you when YOU'RE sleeping--does NOT mean you can to do the same to me."

Apparently I'm really really boring to take pics with.

"ok, I'll pose for ONE.  Now go away you blue-haired biotch."


"Hmph. Are you back at college yet? I don't know how much more of this I can take."

"Yay! We're celebrating taking the freak back by going for a run in her college field!"

"Didn't you hear me?! GO HOME!"


"Just try and torment me now! I'll trample all over you."

"OMG it's dad!"



Enjoy. :)

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