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Beasties Family!!

As most of you know, I was a junior handler, and a kennel girl and handler for Rista's breeders, it's how I came to get beast. Sadly, in my senior year of high school, the breeder, his wife, and his daughter I handled with, all died, one after the other of unrelated causes. Beastie's family was scattered to the wind, I still don't know where most of them ended up, including her mum. A few ended up with the girl who used to own Beastie's half-sister, who has started her own kennel, and her dogs are turning out amazing and sweeping the shows, they're gorgeous, more truitt than mardou (rista is mardou's line, mardou came from truitt line). So anyways, I was googling show names trying to find a picture of Rista's mum, but the page no longer exists. I did find a relative of hers in the states, and I found her dad!! Rista's Dad was an american stud that was brought up for a one time breed to rista's mum, and she had 2 fat boys and beasties! So here's the pics!

American, Canadian, INTERNATIONAL champion, Mardou's Avalanch in motion (this is a relation of beasties)
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Am/Can champion Flying Ford Ranger (Beastie's DAD!!!)
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Oh, a little bit of trivia, Rista's show name is Mardou's Flying Ford Windstar

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