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Is it really happening??

This morning started out like it might be the best day of my life. We got to sleep in a little bit more than usual, this was awesome in itself! Then the best thing ever happened!!! Mom put Doofus face's harness on and he left! He was gone, out of the house, no longer here...amazing! I figured, we must have taken out a one year lease on a doofus face, and that lease is about up...so...he was out of here!!!!

this is Joey's favorite spot in the house
So I was looking out the door, to be sure he was not coming back...

New couch
Then it was like, I almost started to miss him...just for a second...

and I thought about how sometimes, he is almost ok...

The first night Joey and Tanner met
I mean, he lets me do stuff like this...and he doesn't even complain...

Then...mom and dad pulled up and Doofus was in the truck!! It turns out that he wasn't going back to the Ohio place, he just went to the VET! He got some shots and they stuffed some stuff up his butt, then he got a medal for it!! It says something about rabies and being registered somewhere. I guess I kind of ALMOST missed him.

So Doofus is back, and we got this new bench thing...mom said it is for 'decoration' but I know it is so we can guard the front yard...

Tanner is sooo happy, even though he had to go to the vet this morning
Tanner sure seems happy to be back, you can see his new orange medal he got for being shot.

new perch!
So we will be watching for you, if you want to come see us!

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