Bango Girl (bangogirl) wrote in boston_buddies,
Bango Girl

Oh wow. My baby is hurt :( I came home from Wal*Mart last night and my whole family was packed into my Dad's room. I walked in and my older brother said "Get out of here." I did, but I was really worried. They walked out holding my puppy and I almost fainted. He had a fish hook dangling from his mouth. My brother is a fisherman and I guess he left his tackle box a little open downstairs. He had not one, not two, but all three barbs of a three prong fishing hook stuck on the inside of his mouth. He couldn't even open his mouth a little without it ripping his skin. We took him to an all night animal hopsital and he had an emergency surgery. The total came to $400.00. There was no hesitation for me, I had them do the surgery, but there goes all the money I made over Christmas break working every day away from my family in a crappy minimum wage job. Sigh. The things I do for my baby Harry.

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