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lazy sunday

This weekend I didn't do very much because it was pretty hot outside.

tanner rests while Joey watches for intruders
Mom was watching this soccer stuff and yelling at the TV. I had to watch for anyone sneakin up on my house. Doofus is obviously not a good watch dog!

Tanner doesn't find my magazines exciting
Tanner does this upside down stuff a lot. I would never be so rude as to display my privates in public. He has no tact!

it is 100 degrees outside, but Joey doesn't seem to notice
I did some sunning. It was hot out, so I didn't stay out there too long.

lazy sunday
It was a pretty lazy day...

Here is a video of Tanner getting peanut butter toast. I am in the background trying to communicate to my mom that he truly is the biggest doofus I have ever seen. I believe the saying is "if looks could kill"


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