CrystalSC (crystalsc) wrote in boston_buddies,

Advantage Problems

I wanted to give everyone a bit o advice about We made a purchase from them recently for the first time. We order Advantage flea control for our pets. We've used Advantage on them for years and never had a problem. At all. Well, when we received our order from them we noticed the product did not smell as strong as it usually does and it was much less yellow - more clear- than the other orders we've gotten. Despite this, we used it anyway. Ever since, we have been battling fleas and ticks. And not just 1 or 2 here. Abby (my chihuahua) got covered. Hubby & I must have spent 2 hours picking through Abby last weekend. We've bathed her and checked all the other girls. We thought that perhaps I miscalculated the dosages (because we buy dosage for 1 large dog and then divide it up amongst them according to their original prescription) SO we tried putting a bit more on the dogs. But the stuff just isn't doing its job. I'm highly frustrated. At this point, I would have to go on the safe side, and not order Advantage from this site. Perhaps it's not their fault but it must be their suppliers. Poor Abby is scratching her skin bloody. I've been giving her Benedryl but still she scratches. I can't stand having fleas and ticks around.

We were careful not to give the dogs too much and there was a lapse of about 2 weeks in between applications. I saw a program on tv recently about "knock-off" prescriptions that have been watered down. That's really had me wondering.

She's even pretty when she pees:

I think this shot of my Ariana turned out beautifully


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