The Girl in the Self Imposed Box (elisabat) wrote in boston_buddies,
The Girl in the Self Imposed Box

I had to board Fizzgig at my work today. I brought one of my cats in for an ultrasound (she's 14 years old and according to the doctor all her organs are "beautiful"!). It's just too hard for me to deal with both of them on the bus, so Fizzy got left behind. When I came in tonight I found that my co-worker had written down a blow by blow list of Fizzy's activities for the day. It's pretty cute and I thought I would post it here. By the way, Jordan is Fizzy's german shepard friend.

09:00= "MOM FORGOT ME!!!!!" (and here there is a drawing of a shocked boston)
09:15= Bored
09:30= Bored
09:45= Bored
10:00= Visited Jordan's place
10:05= Bit Jordan
10:06= Bit Jordan again
10:07= Peed on Jordan
10:08= Back to my house
10:15= Screamed some
10:20= Slept
11:00= Screamed some more
11:10= Sleeping
11:40= Woke up and rolled around in my cage some
12:00= Hey, is'nt it lunchtime?
12:26= green Dino bit me (his dino Cuz toy)
12:45= Washing my privates (here there is a drawing of a boston in a bathtub peeking out of a shower curtain and the caption says "hey don't look")
13:10= Sleeping
13:20= Boy did I have to pee!!!
15:45= Where's my shepard? :(
16:00= Dino is hiding. How dare it?
16:40= Dang it, re-incarcerated!

When I came in at 10pm, he was running relay races throughout the hospital. I'm assuming it was a slow day at work :)

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