Loving Life (llinthesand) wrote in boston_buddies,
Loving Life

I decided to add the 2005 Calendar pictures to the background but ran into a dilemma.
It makes the image size too large to have it load in a decent amount of time.
If you don't know about backgrounds; you can either tile your image - thus making it a smaller image with a faster load time, or you can design the entire background - making it a much larger file with a much slower load time.

SO... we have a choice, and this is YOUR community too so I want everyone's vote,
--- put both years of the calendar doggers (24 pics) and have the pictures tiled
(see pics below - what you will see depends or your screen size settings),
or keep it just like it is now.

Poll #779791 Which layout?

Do you prefer the layout as it now (with paw prints on the right), or tiled?

Pictures only down the left side, one year of calendar pics only
Pictures tiled with calendar entries from both years (and we will add as we go!)

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