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I finally have a BOSTON! I have been watching the group enviously for some time. But now I have a boston of my own. I got him in April. He was born Feb 21, 2006. He has been so good for both me and my boyfriend. He is a great dog and companion. My boyfriend and I work different shifts so it is great to have someone at home when we get home.

He is very quick to learn. But it seems like he is having one problem. I need suggestions on what to do because my boyfriend and I don't know what else to do. Paco won't stop pottying in his crate. Actually he doesn't go at night (very often) or on the weekend but it seems like during the day when we are gone to work he pees just to spite us. Because we aren't there. We have tried restricting his water a couple of hours before leaving for work. We feed him 3 hours before leaving. We take him out as soon as we get home. Since we are on two different schedules my boyfriend leaves the house around 10:30 and I get home around 4:45. So it isn't like it is 10-12 hours. Sometimes I may not get home until 6. There are days that I get home at 3 and he has already peed. We have tried leaving blankets or a towel in his crate and tried leaving nothing. We leave a couple of toys so it isn't because he is bored. His crate is big enough for him to stand and turn around. It isn't like he can go in one end and sleep in the other. I don't know what else to try. I need help.

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