jennygel7 (jennygel7) wrote in boston_buddies,

A funny little story for you all this fine morning.

Last night after taking Saidie for a walk, I curled up on the couch and flipped the tv to The Westchester Dog Show that was taped earlier this year in NYC. The first run that we saw was the Sporting Breed and let me tell you, Saidie was glued to the telly even though it was way past her bedtime. She was sitting on the couch, ears cocked and alert. A few dogs trot on by and she's enamoured, head tilting this way and that but when the Doberman Pinscher came on - it was love at first site. She starts batting my legs and starts humping away like crazy!

Unfortunately my camera had no battery life left, because a video of her actions before the humping would have been priceless. Doggie porn.

Oddly, she wasn't very excited by the terrier group or any of the Frenchies or other Bostons. She did, however give me a second go when the Rottweiler won for the Sporting Breed.

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