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Mission: Beach Escape

The Agent: Brutus
Breed: Boston Terrorist
Weapons: Killer looks and super elite cuddle and snuggle schooling

Mission Summary:
Owner figure took I and my cousin, Zeus - the evil half breed mongrel whimp, to the beach. Among dolphins and fish, I was successful in swimming and found that the tide was in fact, quite strong. These humans knew what they were talking about for once! I was able to break free a few times, being as how the human owner figure decided that I could run free - and then decided I was going too far out into the surf - she frequently changes her mind - it's what humans call being a Libra, I believe. I was able to catch a fish, as well as chase some of those evil seagull things with feathers. Owner figure thought I was trying to kill them - if only they knew they were making fun of me. I was able to mark all sorts of sand, though nothing was as fun as peeing in the ocean, as was specified by mission case 431.

Mission successful

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