kisstherain4me (kisstherain4me) wrote in boston_buddies,

Why is it when you spill something, there's always a boston in the way? So then your boston ends up getting covered in milk/mustard/spaghetti sauce/honey/flour/jam/ketchup/pie filling/juice/pop/maple syrup/tea/ (you fill in the blank). Of course, the logical reason is that first of all, your boston is always begging, and therefore is always there when said foodstuffs come careening off the counter (after all, that's what they're waiting for), or second of all, they are the reason you tripped and spilled said foodstuffs in the first place.

This has happened so many times with Beasties, last night I was pouring some cereal and the milk overflowed and splashed on her head, so now she has stinky, crusty, dairy head. Another time, I gave her a cardboard ice cream container to lick out, and she had a totally crusty head, and she tore the box open, stomped all over it, and when I woke up in the morning, there were little sticky dried boston prints all over the floor. It's hard for bostons really, they have no face, so when you let them lick ice cream/soup bowl/cereal bowl etc, they will need to be wiped off. Oh well, I still love her, although I do pity her little face, because when she walks into things (because of her blindess) there's no snout to absorb the impact, just her lil' face.

Anyways, just wanted to hear if anyone else has bostons covered in foodstuffs.

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