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Icon and Treats

I made myself an icon with the cute comic that ravenvoice and cajunsunshyne spoke of and posted. Isn't it cute? *grins*

Also, I'm very late with this, but Bair, Puddin' and Scutter adored the homemade treats they recieved for Valentine's Day ^_^ Puddin' is kind of depressed because she hurt her leg, the Vet said she tore her ACL. We're waiting to see if it gets better or if she needs surgery. So she's hopping around on three legs. But she would come hopping up if she saw me with the treat bag and they both woofed them right up, crumbs and all. So they each want to thank you ^_^ Much doggie licks for you.

Hmm, that completely reminds me. A while back, we had some treats that were for breathe control, that contained parsely, which is supposed to be some sort of natural breath freshener. I don't suppose there is some sort of homemade recipe out there for that? Puddin' has some terrible morning breath ^_^* Just a thought ^_^

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