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Haven't made an appearance in a while

Well, my little nut got hurt today. I was at work, but my mom took her out to go potty and our trashy neighbors cat was wondering by the side of our house...well, Violet didn't like them on *her* property so she ran after the cat and she sorta tripped/got tangled up in the leash and she ran into the garbage cans and took a gouge out of her shoulder on one of the cement decorative blocks we have the cans sit on. She didn't yelp or anything and had been acting normal other wise from that....so my mom found blood and almost flipped b/c 1. Violet had been spayed and 2. she had been having diahrrea so she thought it came from that. But because of her heart condition we have to put her on Keflex so she's now on that, but is loving the extra attention and pampering but she's okay. On a lighter note, I'm including a pic of her when we were on our way to a park close by...she's got her head stuck out of the window (and don't worry, I was basically attached to her the entire time and had myself wrapped in her harness so she didn't get hurt...I'm such a paranoid mommy.)...enough chatting!! TO THE PICTURES! :-P

(she was playing football with her daddy...she was excited for the pre-season Bengals game that night)

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