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Gambit is getting better at pottying outside. He is going on the balcony for now (temporary solution) so we can figure out his schedule and I am starting to take him downstairs to pee outside. We are making a timetable for when he goes potty, he's pretty regular on the hour, but sometimes "skips" an hour. Eventually I want him to go on the grass downstairs ONLY. We visited my husband's mom briefly and Gambit pooed and peed on her lawn no problem. I think he was just overwhelmed by the big open grass by the apartment. Also, the weather. He will have to get used to it. Now that I have a better idea of when he has to go I will just keep taking him downstairs until he goes! I think he may be beginning to understand what "pee pee" means, he always gets praise and a kibble after going! (oddly, he loves his kibbles as treats but doesn't like the puppy cookies we bought him. huh.)

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