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Update on the Bug-Eyed Bat Princess

I haven't had time to post an update in a while, so here's a catch-up post:

Molly is doing very well.  She's four and a half months old this week, and has grown so much!  She was the runt of her litter, and although she'll probably always be on the small side, her heart and lungs are very strong, and her vet says that she's a great example of a Boston.  The small size doesn't seem to bother her - she can already climb out of her excercise pen, and is typically destructive with her toys.  Our three cats are adjusting to her, and I think she's starting to fit in with them and learn her place in the house.

We started puppy training classes, which are okay.  The trainer knows absolutely nothing about Bostons, but she does have some good basic training ideas, so I guess we'll stick with it.    Here are a couple of pictures taken on her four month birthday:

This squeaky hat is one of her favorite toys, but I don't think she likes it on her head:

Yes, I'm silly:

And here are her kitty brothers, Early and Louie.  Molly loves Louie (the black Oriental Shorthair), and thinks he's her cat.  He's very patient with her, so I guess he likes her as well:


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