Miss Poisonality (dulamae) wrote in boston_buddies,
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he hates it
Mom found Tanner this hoody while she was on vacation. She said we can play prison break or something lame, she thinks I am a 5 year old I swear.

Joey is making him his bitch
I would much rather play, Doofus Face you're my B$%#@

tanner is modeling his prison chic hoody
Mom said he is under arrest for being too cute. GAG!

tired puppies
Since we have been back we are really tired, Mom said its because we are fat. Mom is simply jealous that she is just not of the same caliber of housewife as my gram, who prepared us several dishes of scrambled eggs during our stay.

tanner is pooped
Doofus didn't move for a day.

Joe sunning
and I have done my fair share of relaxing as well.

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