Tiffany (iftherainstops) wrote in boston_buddies,

more modeling pics!

here are a couple more of benton's time with my boss.

this is the one i'm putting on my purse. my boss is photoshopping some extra purple flowers in there, and taking out the weird wrinkles in his neck! puppy is getting airbrushed! (on a side note, i get to learn how to do airbrushing type stuff today!)

 his teeth dont usually do that, sometimes for a split second and we get all excited becuase i think it's so adorable.

to try to keep him still we were feeding him turkey from my sandwich. this is what he usually does when he wants a treat. i think it's ebcuase we worked the hardest on this trick for some reason, and he associates that with treat? a lot of the pics turned out blurry like this.

 i LOVE this one.


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