claudia (echo64) wrote in boston_buddies,

Oh Porsche, not on the bed

This isn't really much more than a vent...well, and a question at the end ;)

Tuesday morning, daddy lets puppy out, and she does a number two but not a number one. She's so much a little love bug in the morning, you practically have to squeeze the pee out of her. He lets her in, and puts her on the bed. Few moments later, she empties her bladder all over me, the bed, the sheets and the mattress. Anger.

This morning. Starts howling at 2.30 and doesn't stop. Maybe a bad dream, maybe an attack of explosive diarrhea, I have no idea, so I go check on her. She's awake and wants to play. Scold her for being a poophead and take her to bed, hoping it will keep her quiet for a while. Proceeds to bite me in the face, ears, chase HB (cat) around the bed for a solid 30 minutes, and then goes to the end of the bed, and drops her little butt making the poopy dance. Shoved off bed and yelled at. Please note I am on an old style futon which is lower to the ground than a sidewalk curb. She didn't even stumble off the bed, and looked at me like I was a traitor. Put her outside. She cried and cried, so I let her back in, put her in her kennel with some food and told her to shut up. Anger.

I am not a morning person what so ever. I don't like being woken up from sleep, especially for a reason like the dog wants to play. I wouldn't have been angry if she had needed to go to the bathroom once I let her out of the kennel. She's usually very good about that, so her trying to crap in my bed was not welcomed in the slightest.

On another note, which is far more cheerful, does anyone have blogs dedicated to their dogs or ones that they enjoy keeping up with?

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