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My husband is getting stronger and is able to see with his good eye without a lot of pain. He has had a rough time with the puppy. Gambit was napping in the living room today, which we do in the afternoons, so he can socialize with us. I was taking a well-deserved rest because I was wiped out. For some reason, the devil was in the dog today, he refused to lie down, was chewing everything to be naughty, wouldn't play with any of his toys, snuck out of the x-pen today by charging it and pushing it over to the side enough to wriggle out (not so anymore, if I'm not locking it up I am putting one end behind something heavy; sometimes I use it as a fence or wall so that he's just blocked from entering one area, say the dining room, by this "fence" that goes behind the couch and stretches to the TV unit). Anyway, my hubby says, the dog wakes up from his nap. My hubby is ready to go take him out, is just putting on his shoes. He goes to grab the dog, who looks him square in the face, tears off to the back wall and pees all over the floor. My husband is SURE Gambit did this on purpose to be naughty. Since my hubby has been so ill he really hasn't been with the dog a lot these past 5 days, and due to his work schedule doesn't spend a lot of time with him as he would like, so I think Gambit was testing the waters of this "other" parent and seeing if he could show him who was boss. My husband got mad and put him in his crate but I let him out again so he doesn't associate the crate with being "bad". Gambit is resting now. I hope he learsn to accept my husband's discipline as I really need a second pair of hands around here!

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