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Necessity is the mother of invention

LOL I thought Gambit's crate was too large and that's why he occasionally potties in it. So I took a big box and put it at the back and covered it with a towel so he couldn't chew the box. Now there's just enough room for his squishy blue donut bed, which he would NEVER soil as he loves it more than life itself.

I come home, to find Gambit asleep. On top of the towel-covered box. He hoisted himself up and squeezed himself along the top to lie down on the nice soft box. I am gonna have to stack another box on top so he can't squeeze up there. I'm afraid he'll fall down the narrow space between the box and the edge of the crate.

Why on earth would he do that? It's so funny.

UPDATE: This is a poor-quality screen cap from the webcam I use to spy on him. See him snoozing away??? Naughty puppy.

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