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On Cute Puppies

I have a query for all you boston owners. Being that the boston is one of the most adorable dogs out there, how do you deal with the attention of people? Living in an apartment, we meet tons of people every day, and because Gambit is such a lovebug, he runs up to greet and play and pounce on everyone. I've tried holding him back, or picking him up. No use. He wriggles in frantic delight trying to reach whoever he sees and stubbornly won't go the other way. He even cries if I don't let him down. It's heartbreaking. I try to walk away from people but sometimes it's hard; we're in a hallway, or waiting for the elevator, or they are standing by his "spot" and if I take him somewhere else he just won't "go". I don't like the idea of snatching up or dragging my dog away whenever I see a group of people, especially when it's so hard to tell if they will be "good" with a dog or not.

What concerns me is people's reactions to him. Everyone seems to think he's the cutest thing and wants to pet him, and he's more than happy to oblige, but it worries me. I don't want to be rude, but it really bugs me when people descend on my pup and grab and kiss and try to pick him up. It scares me. I'm so afraid people will hurt him or step on him, he's so small. Especially kids, who get really excited and then HE gets really excited, and it's just - crazy. I've tried saying things like "He's really little so it's easier for him to be on the ground" or "We'd love to stay and chat but he's got to potty!" but Gambit refuses to leave, he keeps trying to climb into their arms and up their legs, and people seem to take this as an inclination that he wants to stay and they can therefore disregard what I have to say.

What do you do when people try to assault YOUR bebe bostons with love?

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