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cherry eye?

edgar's previous owners told us when we adopted him that he'd had surgery to correct cherry eye in his left eye ... and while i've never had a boston with this problem before, i think he might have it in the right eye also.  :/

is this what it looks like in an early stage, or is this just an irritated tear duct and i a paranoid mother?

my poor little dude.  :/

ollie says, uh, i hope this crap's not contagious. 

if i'm not insane and this is cherry eye, can you guys who have been through this before give me the rundown?  i know it's pretty common in bostons, but i'd love to get some sort of idea of the cost and how long our little dude will be feeling bad post-surgery.  lunchbox had to wear one of those cones around her face once, and she was so miserable.  i hope edgar doesn't have to go through that for an extended period of time -- he'll hate it, i think.

okay, enough babbling.  please advise.  :]


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