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Bladder Infection question

Hey everyone. Today I got back from vacation and therefore picked Violet up from the PetSuites place. They told me that on the 31st, they noticed her urine was thick and cloudy and that might be a sign of a start of a bladder infection. I had posted before about her getting hurt (taking a little piece of her skin off when she ran into some garbage cans chasing a cat) so she was on antibiotics because of her heart murmur, so I'm not sure why she would possibly have a BI if she was on medication...and I've never had a female dog so I'm not sure what to do...they said she's been urinating fine and that after the 31st it was clear and it was clear tonight, but I wasn't sure if any of you had experienced this with your female babies. I was going to call her vet Tuesday anyways, but I'm just a little confused as to why this would only happen one day...and I don't want her to be sick! :-D

Thanks in advance for your help!


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